Alaska Broadcasters Association Intern Grant Program

The ABA offers five, $1,000 Internship Grants in the first quarter of every year. These grants are made possible by station support of the “Community Voice” NCSA program.

Grant Applications are available online at and will be reviewed by the selection committee within two weeks following the deadline for submission of April 1st each year or the date closest if the First falls on a weekend.

Internship Grants are to be used to fairly compensate selected interns and (or) off set expenses associated with training and supplies required during the internship cycle.

Eligible stations must be in good standing with the ABA and current with their membership dues as of April 1 each year, and participate in the NCSA/Community Voice Program. Furthermore, station applicants must abide in good faith with the intent of their application and submit all required forms documenting their participation at the completion of their internship cycle.

Application criteria to be considered by the ABA “Internship Grant”, selection committee shall include the following:

  • • The overall Intent and clarity of the station’s proposed internship program
  • • Number of interns to be recruited by the station
  • • Length of the station’s internship cycle
  • • The station’s intern selection process
  • • Station’s assessment of probable employment for intern(s) after internship cycle
  • • Presentation and professional appearance of the station’s application
  • • Station’s prior ABA internship grant history
  • • Specific job description and concise statement of station’s internship training program
  • • Explanation of why the applicant’s internship grant should be awarded
  • • At least one example of the member stations’ participation in the NCSA/Community Voice Program in the last year, with a commitment to continue participation

We have had wonderful feedback from our participants. Many interns have chosen to continue in broadcasting and to pursue higher education in support of their career choice. Some interns have proved to be of such value that stations have gone on to hire them as full time employees. At other times, interns go on into other careers; but they have provided stations with much needed help and have used their internship as a work experience for their resumes. We find that this program is a win-win situation for both stations and interns and the community.

This is one of the highest valued Member Benefits the ABA offers, and it is funded by the NCSA Program.