Emergency Alert System

2021 Required Monthly Test Schedule

SEOC = State Emergency Operations Center, JBER, AK
MATCOM = City of Wasilla Police Department Communication Center, Wasilla, AK (after hours SEOC)
AST Fairbanks = Alaska State Troopers Communications Center, Fairbanks, AK
NWS = National Weather Service Forecast Offices, Anchorage, AK

January6thWednesday1020 hours, 10:20 amSEOC
February10thWednesday2245 hours, 10:45 pmMATCOM
March10thWednesday1120 hours, 11:20 amAST Fairbanks
April7thWednesday2315 hours, 11:15 pmMATCOM
May5thWednesday1310 hours, 1:10pmSEOC
June9thWednesday2320 hours, 11:20 pmAST Fairbanks
July7thWednesday1450 hours, 2:50 pmSEOC
August11thWednesday1020 hours, 10:20 amFEMA/FCC
September8thWednesday1530 hours, 3:30 pmAST Fairbanks
October6thWednesday2345 hours; 11:45 pmMATCOM
November10thWednesday1030 hours, 10:30 amSEOC
December8thWednesday2245 hours, 10:45 pmAST Fairbanks

Link (click) to SBE’s EAS page