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A Community and Broadcaster Partnership with the Alaska Broadcasters Association

The Alaska Broadcasters Association Community Voice NCSA Program delivers the power of Radio and TV to Federal and State Departments and Non-profit Organizations to get their important messages to a large and diverse audience. This low cost advertising/education program saves Federal tax dollars and state revenue.This program has covered a wide variety of topics, including: Child Safety, DOT Hazmat Bulletins, School Exit Exams, Quality Schools, Foster Parents and Adopting Older Children, Heart Attack Symptoms for Women, Arthritis Awareness, the University of South East, Blood Pressure Medication for Life, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Alaska State Troopers Recruitment Program, and the Alaska Army National Guard.Stations voluntarily donate their unsold airtime to the ABA and run these ads as much as they would a public service announcement. The ABA receives a funding grant from the sponsor and guarantees the sponsor a three to one return ratio for spots that run for two months or longer. This guarantee simply means that for every dollar invested the sponsor will get at the very minimum three times that value in airtime.The Alaska Broadcasters Association cannot guarantee placement time. We do ask that these spots be given the “best available time”. The ABA sends a report totaling the dollar value, how many spots were run and the original affidavits (invoices) from each station, telling exactly when and where the spots were aired. This way the effectiveness of the campaign can be documented.The ABA requires that our sponsors have not independently purchased paid advertising on TV or Radio for their spot during the preceding year as the “Community Voice” campaign. Sponsors are responsible for the production of their spots. The Alaska Broadcasters Association will then distribute the spots to all stations in Alaska (or targeted area) and will handle all communication with individual stations as necessary.Community Voice is flexible, accountable, and targeted. We offer a variety of options on a statewide or local level, including television-only or radio-only schedules, as well as regional targeting. We will work with you to develop a schedule and budget to meet your needs and communications goals. We can also assist you in finding production resources.The best part about the Community Voice is that the ABA uses funds generated by this effort for scholarships and internship programs and many other member and community benefits. The ABA has contributed equipment to the communities of Juneau and Fairbanks to improve the Emergency Alert System, therefore insuring that our citizens receive any and all warnings for public safety. We offer our members a low cost annual convention for training in areas of Sales, Management, News Production, Engineering, FCC and Legislative National Updates and EEO/Diversity Training. At our convention we also provide an exhibit hall for over 30 vendors from the lower 48 states to bring the latest products to our broadcasters, who might not be able to attend distant conferences. The ABA also provides low cost station Alternative Inspections to ensure that they stay compliant with FCC regulations. All of these help to contribute to a strong alliance of free over the air Radio and TV stations that continually give support to their communities through their public service activities. After all, giving back to the community is what Community Voice is all about.

For more information about the Alaska Broadcasters Association and the Community Voice NCSA Program please contact:

Executive Director, Cathy Hiebert, ABA

700 W 41st Avenue #102
Anchorage, AK 99503
888.749.8008 (Toll Free)